Creative Lab

The excellence of a Company is measured by its ability of doing research and innovation. Hence, the necessity to share new business values (universal key development models). For this reason, the link with the field of Research, University and Professional Institutions is crucial in order to provide solutions and to generate talents.

Pianoforte Academy is involved in internship  follow up and project work with Universities and professional Schools operating in different Disciplines: from the scouting of new moods necessary to enhance our Style to the adoption of  high innovative content fabrics; an accurate market strategy analysis allows the study of more effective models of the human resources organization; from the digital communication to the development of 3D prototypes, revitalizing the layouts of our Stores and updating the new formats in the Visual merchandising; from the Headquarters’ financial status to Store KPIs (key performance indicator); from the brand identity to the brain identity.
All these activities are molded and carried out in our Creative Lab.